Grab your group of friends or dance partners to get on the dance floor of Ottobar. Listen to the music from whatever spot you like, an upstairs pool table or a downstairs main stage; even if it includes your date, then it's high time to get to know you better during the entire evening. Every night you will hear a different kind of music, as each night a different kind of crowd hits the spot. If you are successful in catching the sofa seats on the main stage balcony, you will ultimately get to experience a VIP feel without any extra charges.

Why is this bar highly recommended?

There are two floors in Ottobar, and both of them have different vibes. The upstairs is more intimate, while the downstairs showcases a lot of energy and greets various crowds.

Expert tip:

Don't forget to attend one of their unique events. "Geeks Night Out." It is celebrated monthly, devoted to video games, board games, cartoons, music, and more.

What to Wear in Ottobar?

There is no specific dress code needed in Ottobar; all you need is to be dressed properly and wear shoes. However, no clothing with slogans or wording that may seem homophobic, racist, offensive, etc. is allowed.

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