Mosaic Nightclub and Lounge

Live Entertainment Done Right

One must-see nightclub is Mosaic Nightclub and Lounge, especially if you are in the downtown area and planning to drop into Power Plant Live! to pop into some bars. Want to have a high-energy experience? Mosaic Nightclub and Lounge should be your stop since they offer the latest and hottest music and thrilling brightening elements!

Why is this nightclub highly recommended?

Make sure to get your hands on champagne by the glass in a sleek and sophisticated environment featuring soft seating. Moreover, there is an outdoor patio offering nice views. And don't forget to step into the late-night festivities with a soundtrack!

Expert Tip:

A date, a girl’s party, a charity event, a bachelorette party, host whatever you want at this spot because this music blasting space hosts everything!

Opening Time:

Thursday: 9 p.m.-2 a.m.

Friday–Saturday, 9 p.m.–2 a.m.

What To Wear To Mosaic Nightclub And Lounge?

Proper attire is necessary, and it means patrons must put on shirts and shoes, while men aren't permitted to wear sleeveless shirts!

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